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All About Allmighty Pedigree Rottweilers

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry of providing loving families with adorable puppies. Our home is the most reliable and long-standing puppy stores . We make sure that our puppies come from world-class breeders who follow the highest industry standards in puppy care. Every breeder is licensed and in compliance with their state and local regulations.

Each puppy purchased comes with a complete Happy Puppy Package and Partners registration papers that are automatically registered in your name. If available, you’ll receive a four generation family tree ensuring that there is no inbreeding. Your puppy will be current on all vaccinations which protects them against Parvo, distemper and other common puppy viruses. Each puppy comes de-wormed and treated for giardia and coccidia and is equipped with an optional lifetime microchip membership that is activated in your name. The microchip membership allows for a 50-mile radius amber alert sent to vets and shelters in your area should your new family member go missing. We even offer round-the-clock support with a 24/7 after-hours hotline.

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